Ben Johns Pickleball Shoes: What shoes does Ben Johns wear?

ben johns pickleball shoes

In this article, we’ll answer the critical questions about “Ben Johns Pickleball Shoes” and “What shoes does Ben Johns wear?”. You’ll discover the features, pros and cons, and why these shoes are considered the perfect choice for pickleball. Let’s uncover what makes Ben Johns’ shoes so special and how to get your hands on them. Read on to find out!

What shoes does Ben Johns wear?

Ben Johns, the legendary pickleball pro, has primarily worn the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 shoes throughout his career. These highly regarded shoes provide excellent traction and support specifically tailored for the quick movements required in pickleball.

However, at the most recent Major League Pickleball (MLP) event, Ben Johns was spotted wearing Joola pickleball shoes, suggesting he may have switched brands. Unfortunately, these new Joola shoes Ben has transitioned to are not yet available for purchase by the general public.

Ben Johns Pickleball Shoes: What shoes does Ben Johns wear?

Why Ben Johns Relies on Babolat Jet Mach 3 Pickleball Shoes”

Ben Johns’ shoe choice, the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3, is well-suited for the dynamic nature of pickleball. These shoes are designed with features that cater to the sport’s unique demands.

Firstly, the narrower heel and wider squared toe box provide ample room for toes to splay out, enhancing balance and stability during rapid lateral movements. As someone with relatively wide feet, this design allows Ben to maintain a secure footing when quickly changing directions on the court.

The side reinforcements protect against excessive wear and tear on the toe and side areas, which are susceptible to dragging during pickleball’s fast-paced play. This added durability ensures the shoes can withstand the rigors of intense matches.

Moreover, the comfortable fit of the Babolat Jet Mach 3 is crucial for extended periods of play. Unlike some narrower options like certain ASICS models, these shoes offer a roomier toe box, preventing cramping or discomfort during Ben’s high-intensity matches.

With their specialized design catering to pickleball’s footwork requirements, superior durability, and comfortable fit, the Babolat Jet Mach 3 shoes have proven to be an excellent choice for Ben Johns, enabling him to perform at his best on the court.

If you want to play like Ben Johns and experience the performance benefits of the Babolat Jet Mach 3 pickleball shoes, they are available on several online retailers. You can find them on the Babolat website, as well as major sporting goods sites like Tennis Warehouse, Pickleball Central, and Amazon. Be sure to select the right size and width for your feet. The Jet Mach 3 comes in multiple color options too.


When a legendary player like Ben Johns trusts a particular shoe model for the highest levels of pickleball competition, it’s worth taking notice. The Babolat Jet Mach 3 delivers the traction, support, durability, and comfort needed to elevate your game. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, having the right shoes can make a big difference on the pickleball court.


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